Stepping Up to the Challenge

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July 22, 2014
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Stepping Up to the Challenge

In an effort to increase fitness and create a fun and competitive atmosphere in the work place, Fiji Gas Head Quarters in Walu Bay and its terminal branch has piloted a Step Challenge program.

Pedometers were issued to employees at the company’s head quarters at the beginning of June and in all 28 staff split into 4 teams are now wearing these pedometers on a daily basis.

The numbers of steps are staggering. In June every team reached over 1,500,000 steps and the highest was just shy of 2,000,000. The total for June was 6,892,108 steps.

The idea is the brainchild of Fiji Gas CEO, Peter Lee “I like to work in a fun and enthusiastic environment and this step challenge has helped accomplish this. My team is more motivated and some are definitely getting fitter. You always hear people talking about how many steps they have taken. We rotate the leaders of each team every month and it is great to see leadership skills developing.”

“To keep it fun and add a competitive edge the losing team has to buy the winning team lunch every week. That works really well because the ones who like their food most, are also the most motivated to walk farthest.”

“One big difference we are seeing is people will walk to each other’s offices to ask a question rather than sit on the phone. That’s creating a really good atmosphere in the office.”

Jitendra Prasad holds the record for the most steps in a week when he totaled 170,339 steps or 126 km. “I work in the Fiji Gas showroom in Walu Bay. So I am on my feet all day. Then when I get home I go for a run or I play soccer.”

Renita Caine is the record keeper and has all the latest stats. “The average steps per person are 76,042 per week. That’s over 56km per week. It’s great as people and teams are trying to outperform each other.”

Fiji Gas first began supplying gas to Fiji in 1956. It is now the largest LPG Company in the Pacific islands.