Auto Gas the Preferred Fuel for Taxi Drivers

Fiji Gas Invests in State of the Art Tanker
July 10, 2014

Auto Gas the Preferred Fuel for Taxi Drivers

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is becoming the preferred choice in fuel for LPG taxi owners in Fiji. In recognition of the environmental benefits of this new cleaners greener fuel and to encourage its use, the Fiji Government has removed duty on all imports of LPG vehicles, making the cost of ownership much lower than petrol or diesel taxis.

Peter Lee the CEO of Fiji Gas says “Fiji has an image of unspoilt beaches and a pristine and natural environment. That is an image we must protect. It saddens me when I see tourists in Suva travelling in a taxi belching out black exhaust fumes.”

“That’s why I am passionate about promoting the benefits of Auto Gas. You never see an Auto Gas taxi with dirty exhaust.”

Parmanand Singh has been driving taxis since 1990 and he agrees. He is known to everyone in Lami as Babu. He bought an LPG taxi last year. “I am really happy with Auto Gas. My passengers always talk about my clean and smooth new taxi.” But it’s not just his passengers who are impressed. His taxi has appeared on the big and small screen. It was featured in the Bollywood movie 3G and on a local TV commercial.

Auto Gas taxi drivers enjoy lower maintenance. Phillip Whibley was an early pioneer of LPG fuel. He bought his taxi 9 years ago. It is still going strong 400,000 km later and he says his maintenance costs are still lower than his fellow drivers.

The new Auto Gas logo and tag line reflect the views of Fiji Gas customers. Cornelia Smith who developed the new tag line of ‘Auto Gas – Strong Last Long’ said “We have been listening to our customers and there is a definite feeling amongst them. Auto Gas is stronger. They feel their vehicles go further when they fill up with Auto Gas.”

“We have also highlighted the environmental benefits by turning the Fiji Gas flame green. All the research shows LPG powered vehicles have lower emissions than petrol or diesel powered vehicles. You can see it for yourself everyday on the roads. You often see taxis and buses with a black cloud of exhaust fumes; and you know they are not using Auto Gas”

Auto Gas is available from 14 outlets throughout Viti Levu.