Our Services


Our aim is to deliver consistent service that is right and safe for your business. We strive to make all our deliveries in full and on time. We provide:

Reliable distribution across Fiji

  • We have the largest and most modern fleet of road tankers and delivery trucks, delivering LPG to agents, bulk customers and residential customers. Our services include scheduled deliveries of various sizes.

Safe practices and instructions

  • In supplying LPG, we always comply with required safety guidelines including best safety standards

Distribution networks set up to service you

  • Our operations are further strengthened by our network of Authorized Agents who service customers directly with the sale of portable gas cylinders. This means our product is available in many convenient locations and through various outlets like supermarkets, service stations, neighborhood stores and many more.

AUTOGAS, is an LPG fuel, that is used in Taxis, Private cars, Trucks and forklifts in Fiji. Fiji Gas has a number of Autogas Service Station located around the country to provide easy access for customers that own Autogas Vehicles.


Driving an Autogas vehicle is safe, easy and, in many countries, considerably cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Autogas also emits less CO2 and pollutant emissions such as NOx.


Vehicles running on Auto gas emit far less of the harmful emissions associated with environmental and health problems, compared to conventional fuels.


Autogas is the number one unblended alternative fuel in the world and over 25 countries around the world promote its use.

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Forklifts powered by gas offers your business less engine noise and increased fuel savings when compared to the traditional petrol or diesel operated forklifts. At Fiji Gas, we can provide you with easy refuelling options for your forklift operations.


MINIMAL REFUELING DOWNTIME: There is minimal downtime for refueling your LPG forklift when compared to battery powered forklifts.

We can provide safe cylinder storage options on your site to allow for quick exchanges when you need it and will put you on a cylinder exchange delivery schedule to meet your operational needs


Less green house gas emissions than petrol or diesel, creating a healthier air environment for your business and reduces your impact on the environment.

Our team of experienced representatives can provide you with the right LPG solutions for your business.


Autogas is a safe alternative fuel that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and insoluble in water. Fuelling with Autogas is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel.


The first LPG powered car was driven in Fiji in the mid-70s. The Mazda Ute was converted from petrol to LPG was carried out by none other than, Harvie Probert. The first bowser for auto gas was in Walu Bay with Mobil. The Adoption of LPG was slow in the early days.

It was not until the twenty first century that LPG as a motor fuel took off in Fiji. Fiji Gas worked with taxi drivers and convinced them that it was in their interests to use a clean fuel. They also worked with the government to encourage the use of clean fuels in Fiji by making LPG powered cars duty free.

In 2006 the change in duty was made and since then LPG has grown enormously. Fiji Gas has more than 20 auto gas bowsers across Viti Levu. They opened their first bowser in Vanua Levu earlier this year and have plans to grow the number of auto gas outlets in the future.

At the turn of the century there were fewer than 100 LPG motor vehicles in Fiji. Now there are about 2,500. This growth has in LPG has come at the same time that the environment has become increasingly important to Fiji and the world. There is no worse picture for a tourist destination than to see a tourist in a taxi with a filthy exhaust. With auto gas that is a sight that no one will ever see.

Fiji Gas provides support for all commercial businesses that require LPG for their heating purposes. These include:

  1. Commercial Kitchens
    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
    • Food caravans
  2. Hotels & Tourism operators
  3. Bakeries & Sweet outlets

Fiji Gas supports and provides support for LPG Boiler and Burner systems that provide the necessary steam or hot water for your manufacturing purpose.


Industrial LPG fired steam boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, safe operation, convenient installation, low pollution and low noise, it is widely used for industry production and processing, such as textile mill, medicine industry, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, garment industry, food processing industry, and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for central heating in enterprise, hotel or large commercial buildings.

Cheaper than an oil boiler

In terms of upfront cost, an LPG boiler is significantly cheaper to buy than an oil boiler with less maintenance effort and expense.

Cleaner fuel emissions

While LPG is still a fossil fuel and therefore not a ‘clean’ source of energy, it is ‘cleaner’ than oil i.e. it produces around 15-20% less carbon, so you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

High efficiency

Modern LPG condensing boilers can achieve efficiencies of 90% or higher which means for every $1 you spend heating your home only 10c is wasted.

High-density, low storage

LPG is a high-density gas, which means you can store large amounts of it in liquid form without taking up lots of space. That means a smaller tank and a more discreet solution.

Quiet and discreet

As well as smaller tanks and the flexibility of having them above or below ground, LPG boilers also run extremely quietly when compared to diesel boilers.

Our cylinders are available from all Fiji Gas terminals and branches and we have a wide network of agents and resellers throughout the country in all major towns and neighbourhoods, making it easier and more convenient to purchase a refill closer to home.

All Fiji Gas cylinders remain the property of Fiji Gas.

Customers pay a USAGE FEE when first obtaining a new cylinder from Fiji Gas or from an Authorized Agent. Once a Cylinder is empty, you simple exchange it for a full one and only pay for the price of the refill; ie, 4.5kg, 12kg or 50kg.

You can also CYLINDER SWAP for a different cylinder size:

  1. You can swap your little Handy 4.5kg cylinder for a 12kg cylinder
  2. You can swap your 12kg cylinder for a little Handy 4.5kg cylinder.
  3. You can swap 2x12kg cylinders for a 50kg cylinder
  4. You can also swap your empty competitors’ cylinders for a Fiji Gas cylinder * except for 50kg cylinders.

Cylinder Exchange Program

All cylinder remains the Property of Fiji Gas Pte Limited; Customer simple pay a minimum fee for using the cylinder. This is called a Usage Fee.

The first issue of any cylinder will require an individual customer to complete the Customer Cylinder Purchase Agreement, which outlines the current Usage fee per cylinder size and the refund policy.

The Usage Fee will cover the cost of basic maintenance and recommended valve replacements for the life-time of the cylinder. Please refer to the Cylinder Exchange Program.

New Issues

Cost of a new issue is based on a usage fee payable in advance and in addition to the selling price of gas at the time of purchase, as follows:

  1. 1 x 4.5kg cylinder: usage fee of $60vep + current selling price of 4.5kg gas refill
  2. 1 x 12kg cylinder: usage fee of $60vep + current selling price of 12kg gas refill
  3. 1 x 13kg cylinder: usage fee of $60vep + current selling price of 13kg gas refill
  4. 1 x 50kg cylinder: usage fee of $180vep + current selling price of 50kg gas refill

Note: Wholesale pricing is available with a minimum number of cylinders purchased at a single time. Please call our Customer Care to obtain a quote.

Cylinder Exchange

Customers that utilise Fiji Gas LPG Cylinders and when the cylinder is empty, simply exchange the empty cylinder for a refill at any Fiji Gas Agent or Fiji Gas can delivery directly to your doorstep (note, conditions apply on size and location of delivery)

Please call 3454 from your mobile phone and order a Fiji Gas Homes Delivery today.

Penalties will incur for cylinders that are exchanged with defects as defined by the applicable LPG gas cylinder testing Standard AS 2030.1—2009

If the cylinder(s) exceeds the rejection criteria below; it will be deemed unsuitable for further use and will be made permanently condemned from service. This will result in the forfeit of any possible refund or exchange for a new cylinder.

The cylinder should be free from any defects as such as the following:

  • Dents or swelling of the cylinder walls
  • Excessive corrosions
  • Presence of any cracks or cuts
  • Damage from heat or fire
  • Unauthorised modifications

Return and Refunds:

Customers may return their cylinders to Fiji Gas at any time and be entitled to a refund of the Usage Fee. This will only be based on the following criteria and the value to be based on the pricing structure as indicated on the receipt (normal or wholesale price)


  1. Cylinder visual inspection
  • If the cylinder(s) exceeds the rejection criteria below; it will be deemed unsuitable for further use and will be made permanently condemned from service. This will result in the forfeit of any possible refund. There should be no:
  1. Dents or swelling of the cylinder walls
  2. Excessive corrosion
  • Presence of any cracks or cuts
  1. Damage from heat or fire
  2. Unauthorized modifications


  1. Proof of Purchase within 12 months
  • A full refund applicable for cylinders returned within 12 months from the date of first issue, if the Customer can present proof of purchase (original invoice/photo of original invoice) or indicate exact date of purchase which is then to be verify by the Finance department.
  • The cylinder is to be in good condition; – including In-Test, no visible.


  1. No Proof of Purchase OR more than 12 months old
  • A partial refund applicable for cylinders returned with no proof of purchase or if more than 12 months old:
    • 1 x 4.5kg cylinder return – $20.00 refundable
    • 1 x 12kg cylinder return – $20.00 refundable
    • 1 x 13kg cylinder return – $20.00 refundable
    • 1 x 50kg cylinder return – $60.00 refundable

For credit account customers, the refund will be credited to the respective Customer Account unless otherwise indicated by the Customer.

Fiji Gas offers several solutions for your home, residential block or apartments; from reticulation lines to a central tank to individual cylinders, to hot water systems and your cooking appliances.

1. Home Delivery Service

Fiji Gas offers a FREE Home Delivery service to most residential customers within a certain locality.

A Delivery fee may occur for homes outside these localities or for special order deliveries

Contact our Customer Care team for more information.

SAFETY CAUTION: If your property has a long steep driveway or long steep stairs; the Fiji Gas team may organize an inspection to confirm if we can safely deliver to your home.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend that you have two gas cylinders at your home. When one is empty; change over to the second one so that it gives you time to order a replacement.

2. Service & Installation works

Fiji Gas offers installation services for your home kitchen and hot water systems; our Technical team is able to provide an Assessment and Quotation on proper LPG pipe installation for home needs.

Contact our Customer Care team for more information.

SAFETY CAUTION: It is advisable that your LPG cylinder is placed outside the house to reduce the risk of a possible leak inside the house and near any open flame.

RECOMMENDATION: Call Fiji Gas today to relocate your cylinders.

Making Payments

We encourage our customers to make ONLINE PAYMENTS so that we can reduce cash exchange on site

  • Not Mandatory – however this is the PREFFERED method
  • Online payment methods include direct bank transfer or mpaisa
  • MPaisa App: look for Fiji Gas under the Business Payment section
  • MPaisa code *181# : Go to Business Payments, Search for Business, type Fiji Gas – then make payment

To Order, simply click HERE to order OR:

Email us:

Message us on:

  • Fiji Gas Facebook page

Call our Team:

  • 3454 from any mobile
  • 3304188 for Central
  • 6663355 for the West
  • 8812973 for the North

Note: Whilst we strive for Delivery Excellence with a 24 hours delivery promise; deliveries are subject to delivery route schedules.

Contact our Customer Care team for more information.

  1. Getting Read for your Gas Delivery

LPG products needs to be handled with care, and so to ensure a smooth delivery to your home; there a few things that you can do to help make this delivery as smooth as possible;

  1. PARKING – please ensure there is a place to park the Delivery Truck and gates are opened for the delivery team to make the delivery
  2. HOME PATHWAY ACCESS: our delivery team needs a clear pathway for trolleys from the Truck to the delivery point.
  3. DOGS: We require that your either restrain or secure your Dog(s) in another area of your property while we deliver the gas. This is to keep both our Delivery Team and your Dogs safe during this period. Should our delivery or service to you be interrupted due to unrestrained pets, our service and/or delivery staff will leave a calling card. This will enable you to contact us again to reschedule another visit..

When it comes to air-conditioning, Fiji Gas can offer you a leading solution that will reduce or eliminate power upgrade costs, reduce electricity usage, and improve the green credentials of your business.

  • Benefits of using GHP System.
  • Environmental credential.
  • Low noise and Eco friendly.
  • Avoid power upgrade costs.


LPG is the ideal fuel for a wide range of power generation applications, from small backup generators to large scale power plants. LPG is increasingly used in homes, businesses, hospitals, and for mobile generators to provide efficient, reliable and clean power. As governments are looking to replace polluting coal, diesel or heavy oil plants, LPG offers a cost-efficient alternative and low emissions alternative for areas that are not connected to the natural gas grid.


Fiji Gas currently exports both bulk gas (ISO) and prefilled cylinders to a number of Pacific countries.

Talk to our Sales Team today and see how best an export partnership will work to meet your business need and ensure