Thank you for Choosing Fiji Gas!

The below information is a summary of our products and services. It contains important information on your cylinder exchange supply, obligations and what you can expect from our services.

If you are a domestic customer or a small business Fiji Gas has a cylinder that is suitable for you.

You can get your Fiji Gas cylinders in whatever way suits you. Our 4.5kg and 12kg cylinders are easily portable and are available from our most extensive gas supply network across the country i.e. all major supermarkets, service stations and even your neighbourhood corner stores.

We also have free home deliveries.

Give us a call to find out how we can best supply you.

Cylinder Ownership
The cylinder or tank used for storage of LPG is the property of Fiji Gas. You must take reasonable steps to protect the cylinder or tank from damage while in your care.

Fluctuations in your Consumption of Gas
An increase in your gas consumption may be due to:

  • Seasonal fluctuations in temperature
  • Using gas appliances more than usual
  • Using new gas appliances you may have installed
  • Gas appliances running inefficiently
  • A gas or hot water leak
  • Visitors in your home or a new addition to the family
  • Gas Bottle Sizes

How to Order our Gas
Order by telephone by simply calling 336 1694 from a landline or 3454 from a mobile.
Should you choose to have your cylinder delivered, Fiji Gas cannot guarantee a same day delivery service. Deliveries are subject to delivery route schedules and specified location for delivery.


Go to your nearest Fiji Gas Authorized Agent. If you are unsure of your closest gas supplier, give us a call and we will direct you to the closest Fiji Gas Authorized Agent near you.

Access to your Premises
Fiji Gas will require access to your premises in order to deliver LPG exchange cylinders, undertake inspections, carry out repairs, testing or maintenance and connect or disconnect your gas supply. Please ensure our access is safe, convenient and unhindered. Our representatives carry or wear official identification to be shown to you on request.

Dogs and Other Pets
Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Fiji Gas. It is essential that all pets are restrained prior to us entering your property. This helps ensure the safety of our staff and your pets. Just as we provide a safe, reliable and responsible service to you, we want to protect our staff from serious injuries sustained by four legged security systems. Please tell us if you have a dog or any other outdoor pets so our staff are prepared and can check that your animal is restrained when they visit. Should our delivery or service to you be interrupted due to unrestrained pets, our service and/or delivery staff will leave a calling card. This will enable you to contact us again to reschedule another visit.

Gas Appliance Servicing
The best way to maximize the efficiency of your gas appliances is by having your appliances serviced regularly. For information on gas appliance installation, service and maintenance, contact us today and see how our Qualified Gas Technicians can assist you.