Fiji Gas Partners with LTA to Promote Road Safety

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October 28, 2014
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Fiji Gas Partners with LTA to Promote Road Safety

Fiji Gas is now a Road Safety advocacy partner with the Land Transport Authority [LTA] after providing 1000 Silicon Wrist bands which promotes road safety messages.

The LTA is always looking for a genuine partner that will support its work in promoting, marketing and advocating road safety in any way.

Fiji Gas has designed wrist bands with road safety messages on it which can be worn by everybody.

The wrist bands will be distributed to the public – especially to students – nationwide. With Fiji Gas joining the road safety bandwagon with LTA, it has brought the number of corporate entity sponsoring road safety related works and activities with LTA to five.

LTA is thankful to Fiji Gas for their kind sponsorship which will surely enhance the LTA road safety promotional, advocacy, outreach and awareness works.

“LTA being an enforcement agency that ensures safety of the general public on the road is proud to be associated with Fiji Gas a prominent and a household name in Fiji that has served the country for over 50 years,” said Mr. Naisa Tuinaceva, Chief Executive Officer at the LTA.

“To have them as our partner is a historic event, we believe that LTA is not alone in trying to end deaths on our roads. We  know for a fact that with Fiji Gas’s involvement we are all on the same wave length and singing the same tune of trying to make Fiji roads accident free.’’

“Fiji Gas is very proud to promote Road Safety in partnership with the LTA.” said Max Olsson the National Operations Manager of Fiji Gas. “Safety is our number one priority at our terminals, our customer’s premises and on the roads of Fiji. In fact all our delivery drivers must complete a defensive driving course before they are allowed to drive a Fiji Gas vehicle. Earlier this year we took delivery of Fiji’s biggest LPG road tanker, it is fitted with all the latest safety features including rollover and pneumatic safety switches.”

The Authority’s road safety advocacy works depend mostly on donor funding received by partners and sponsors who have a genuine desire to promote road safety on our roads.

This year, support from Government saw the implementation and the enhancement of road safety messages on bill boards strategically located in most highways in Fiji.

The LTA believes road safety is a shared responsibility with each and every road user taking a distinctive role and effort advocating road safety. Many corporate entities have indicated their corporate support while some have already become a partner.

To date the LTA has partnered with the Motibhai Group, RB Patel Group, Morris Hedstrom, Design Graphics and Fiji Gas.

The Motibhai Group is currently sponsoring a road safety page in Kaila on the Sunday Times Edition, Morris Hedstrom airs all LTA TV commercial in all their supermarket LED screens, RB Patel promotes LTA road safety messages on all their LED screens, while Design Graphics is promoting road safety messages throughout all its five LCD screens strategically located in Health Facilities in the Central Division.