Fiji Gas Secures Future Education for Children in Kalekana Community

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July 10, 2014
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Fiji Gas Secures Future Education for Children in Kalekana Community

The 35 children in Kalekana’s community run preschool, outside Lami Town, will now have access to safe toilet blocks after the community secured a $3000 donation from Fiji Gas.

This important development means the centre is one step closer to becoming recognised by the Ministry of Education, which will provide huge benefits to the children and the community at large.

The Early Childhood Centre (ECE), established in partnership with Save the Children Fiji in 2010, will now be able to complete the toilet block right next to the preschool, making it safe for the children to access proper sanitation.

Sales and business development manager at Fiji Gas, Samson Lal says the company has a very close relationship with the area as their largest terminal is in Lami and many of their staff live close by so they really want to support the community.

He said, “’Education is the movement from darkness to light’ wrote Allan Bloom. With our help the Kalekana preschool will become a fully-fledged kindergarten. It will qualify for government funding, enabling it bring in much needed equipment and extra teachers on board. This will support the hard work of the community. It will bring more light to children and parents alike.”

Save the Children Fiji’s Education Manager, Ruth Kuilamu, is thankful to Fiji Gas for their support.  She said although the centre will always be in the community, this step means it will now be eligible to have Ministry of Education recognition which strengthens support from the Government.

“Once the centre is recognised this means the community can apply for a salary grant for their teachers and a building grant to improve its facilities and that will strengthen the quality of education right in the heart of Kalekana,” she said.

“Strengthening partnerships with organisations like Fiji Gas is really about supporting our communities as best we can so this is a great milestone for us and the community,” she said.