Solar Solutions For Lau Island Residents

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July 6, 2016
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August 31, 2016

Solar Solutions For Lau Island Residents

Fiji Gas will be taking part in the Lau Islands Trade Show organised by Unique Events Fiji. They will be exhibiting their solar products such as solar lights, solar fan pack and solar TV packs, and will also have gas burners and cylinders available.

The Trade Show departs Suva on 15th May and will visit six islands of the Lau Group: Matuku, Totoya, Moala, Lakeba, Cicia and Vanuabalavu. The Trade Show will spend one day at each island and travel to the next overnight.

Fiji Gas has developed a partnership with Omnivoltaic Power Company Ltd who specializes in producing very efficient solar solutions for lighting and other electrical items.

Fiji Gas first introduced the Simplicity Pack to Fiji when the company, its customers and friends donated the Packs to schools and households devastated by Cyclone Winston.

“Fiji Gas has always looked at energy solution, that was always our vision,” said Fiji Gas CEO Hans Reiher.  “We want to be the top energy solution provider and we were ready to launch however our plans changed when TCWinston occurred and we delayed our initial launch plans to assist with the recovery efforts post cyclone. With this kit, you can have proper lighting, you can charge your phone and you can even watch television, depending on the size of your battery you purchase. The best thing about it is its portability.”

According to Omnivoltaic CEO Dr Huashan Wang, the plan is to introduce renewable energy as part of the total energy solution. “This is why we have teamed up with Fiji Gas,” Mr Wang said. “So for now, we’re trying to launch the initial sets of products that would give people access to basic lighting and phone charging. Essentially, providing package sets that give customers access to their immediate energy needs. I know a lot of people have lost a great deal during the cyclone and although we are here to provide them with this option, we are also here for the long run.” Find other alternative energy sources at

Unique Events is very pleased to revive the Lau Trade Show again after a lapse of three years. “We now have a suitable vessel, the Princess Civa. We will do a mini refit to adapt it to the needs of the event and the participants.”

“There is a greater need for the Trade Show now than ever before. Cyclone Winston has left much of Lau devastated and the support of Government Departments and the private sector companies like Fiji Gas and Motibhai will speed up the reconstruction of my home province.”

Fiji Gas first began supplying gas to Fiji in 1956. It has grown into the largest LPG Company in the Pacific islands.