Fiji Gas conducts itself and our business with due care and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We have an overriding duty to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the minimize the health, safety and environmental impacts on our customers and the communities in which we operation.  As one of the leading brand names in Fiji, we are known for providing the fuel for our cooking and our hot showers. But it is also known as a company that takes its Social Responsibility seriously and does its utmost to give back to the community it serves.

Community Partners

Fiji Gas works closely with customers, stakeholders, employees, schools, NGO’s and various partners as part of its corporate social responsibility goals.

Here are some community partners we have worked with over the years.

Watch Council

Fiji Gas joined the Fiji Police Southern Division Crime Prevention Watch Council, in support of efforts to make our communities safer. Annually, we work with the council and its committee to provide LPG for cooking at awareness events and youth fundraisers. The council is committed to educating unemployed youths and providing them with resources and platforms that help them to find and take advantage of opportunities for their wellbeing.

Salon Culinaire

Fiji Chef’s Association is one of many chefs association worldwide and is dedicated to encouraging and educating local talent and local cuisine. The Salon Culinaire is the largest cheg’s competition in Fiji and is held annually in partnership with the Fiji Chef’s Association, Moffat and Fiji Gas. The Salon Culinaire was resurrected in 2004 when Fiji Gas and Moffat sponsored the event and we continue to do so annually.


The festivals are a time for fun, excitement, lots of rides and candy floss. Fiji Gas has been the flame partner for all major festivals throughout Fiji for many many years. Our involvement in these community events is to represent our fundamental commitment to the communities in which we operate.