Fiji Gas Keeps the Uto Ni Yalo Cooking

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August 8, 2014
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October 28, 2014

Fiji Gas Keeps the Uto Ni Yalo Cooking

Three voyaging canoes have departed Suva for the Mua – Guided by nature – voyage to Sydney, Australia. The three vakas are the Uto ni Yalo from Fiji, Marumaru Atua from the Cook Islands and the Gaualofa from Samoa. They will be taking part in the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014.

It is important for the crew to get hot food regularly. It is equally important the cooking facilities are safe to use in all conditions on the high sea. As part of the preparations for the voyage Fiji Gas serviced the onboard cookers of the three canoes. The burners were checked and adjusted for maximum efficiency and everything was tested to meet the exacting safety requirements of an ocean voyage.

In addition to servicing the equipment Fiji Gas has supplied the vakas with gas for their long journey.

Colin Philp the coordinator of Uto Ni Yalo Trust said “Safety is paramount at sea and we cannot afford equipment failure especially with cooking equipment; that’s why we were very pleased when Fiji Gas agreed to service the onboard cooking facilities. I have been on some long voyages and the only thing that keeps you going is knowing there is hot food and a hot cup of tea waiting for you at the end of your watch. On behalf of all the Voyagers I want to thank Fiji Gas for their support.”

Fiji Gas is excited to support the Mua Voyage to Sydney and the World Parks Congress. The three Vakas will focus the world’s attention on environmental issues and securing a sustainable future for the world’s oceans. It is a major issue for Fiji’s future as we are a very small island nation in a very large ocean.