History of Fiji Gas & Compac Dispensers

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March 29, 2017
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History of Fiji Gas & Compac Dispensers

The first LPG powered car was driven in Fiji in the mid-70s.  It was a Mazda Ute and was converted from petrol to LPG. Harvie Probert Fiji Gas Chairman was the first person to carry out this conversion. And this is when the Auto Gas business for Fiji Gas began. Fiji Gas’ first filling station was in Walubay – Suva.

Business back them started off slow, but later in early 2000 was when the auto gas business really took off. The company worked with taxi drivers and convinced them that auto gas was the way to go and although this was a new product for them, many saw the benefits in it.

When Fiji Gas first ventured into the Auto Gas business, there were fewer than 100 LPG motor vehicles in Fiji. Now there are about 2,500. This growth in LPG has come at the same time that the environment has become increasingly important to Fiji and the world. And so, we’ve worked with Government to encourage the use of LPG vehicles. In 2006, Government passed the duty concession on imported LPG cars making it more affordable for customers to change over.

While we strive to make auto gas fuel available for our customers, it would not be possible without reliable equipment that allows us to do what we do. Fiji Gas uses Compac LPG dispensers in all its auto gas operations. The choice of Compac’s dispensers is clearly one of reliability, durability, safety and a long business relationship of trust.

Max, Fiji Gas National Operations Manager attested to the reliability of Compac’s product saying, “Compac LPG dispensers are designed to last and we have used them for over two decades. In a tropical country like Fiji, it is important that equipment is strong and that there are minimal break downs. These dispensers have a strong stainless steel frame, waterproof and flameproof enclosures around the electronic components. Its safety features are second to none. ”

Fiji Gas now has 20 auto gas filling stations across the country, including our terminals, of which 18 are fitted with Compac LPG dispensers.

Fiji Gas first began supplying gas to Fiji in 1956. It has grown into the largest LPG Company in the Pacific Islands.


For more information on Compac, please visit: http://www.compacngv.com/