Leading LPG Company Welcomes it’s First Apprentices

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Leading LPG Company Welcomes it’s First Apprentices

Pictured are new recruits with Management and staff of Fiji Gas Ltd (L-R): Jai Kumar, Manoa Vuetibaui – Apprentice, Lite Jese Bulai – Apprentice, Rinal Chand – NTPC, Emily Quai Hoi, George Inia, Renita Singh, Amelia Vatukatakata, Hans Reiher CEO Fiji Gas Ltd

Yesterday marked a very special occasion for Fiji Gas Limited (“FGL”). The company welcomed its very first apprentices into the company after signing on as an approved and authorized employer to be engaged in apprentiship training with the National Training & Productivity Center (“NTPC”) of the Fiji National University (“FNU”).

The National Apprenticeship Scheme (“NAS”) was established in 1963 by Government under the Ministry of Labor and is administered by the NPTC. The NAS is supported by industry partners like FGL who employ trainees studying in the trade and technical fields. The aim of the NAS is to produce a competent and certified workforce for organizations. Since its inception in 1963, the program has successfully trained around 8000 apprentices.

Lite Jese Bulai is studying in the field of welding and fabrication. Manoa Vuetibaui is studying plant maintenance. The two individuals will begin their apprenticeship with FGL from the 03rd of April. Lite joins the company’s welding team, while Manoa will be training under the LPG terminal team.

Reenal Chand, Manager – Apprenticeship Training at NTPC congratulated the two trainees and explained the process of the apprenticeship training program. He highlighted NPTC’s involvement in administrating the training to ensure that they come out at the end of their three-year apprenticeship program with a certificate and a sense of great personal achievements.

Hans Reiher, Chief Executive Officer FGL, welcomed the new trainees saying that they would learn a tremendous amount from the 60 year old company. Hans further added that their growth and success in FGL is entirely up to them and they can rest assured that they will get all the support they needed from the leaders to succeed.

Hans also thanked NTPC for allowing FGL the opportunity to provide training opportunities for those studying in the trade and technical fields. He went on to say that having Lite in the company’s welding team resurrected its drive and commitment to a more gender balanced workplace, especially in technical departments.

FGL is committed to people development and yesterday’s ceremony was only the beginning of many trainee recruitments.