Nakorosule District School ECE Week Sponsored by Fiji Gas

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July 24, 2015
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August 13, 2015

Nakorosule District School ECE Week Sponsored by Fiji Gas

Each year, schools around the country celebrate Early Education Week with the main theme of ‘Creating Quality Children for a Quality Future’. This initiative was introduced to celebrate the value of our young generation and to build a better future for them through quality education.

Nakorosule District School is located 66.5km North North West of Suva. We reached the village after an hour and a half car ride from the city journeying over gravel road, endless turns and up and down natures finest and untouched views. The village is encased with lush greens and miles of rich rain forest. Nakorosule Village is one of seven villages in the interiors of Vunidawa. Nakorosule District School kindergarten caters to 22 children, of which some are from two other nearby villages.

Fiji Gas was approached to provide t-shirts for the children for ECE Week. This was the first time ECE Week would be celebrated in the village. Three visiting kindergartens were guests to the celebrations, one kindergarten coming as far as Kinoya. Over 200 children were part of the event.

Fiji Gas is governed by core values and principles that guide our actions in pursuing the outcomes we are committed to achieving. One of these values is our Duty of Care. We have an overriding duty to minimize the health, safety and environmental impacts on our customers and the communities in which we operate, to build our business as well as our customers and our communities. In this commitment we reached Nakorosule District School to assist with celebrations for ECE Week.

Future plans are in the pipeline to create further awareness on LPG in rural areas.