Retirement Reception

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August 2, 2014
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October 15, 2014

Retirement Reception


Harvie Probert, the Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Gas, retires on 30th September 2014. He joined the company in 1969 and was CEO for over 30 years after taking up the role in 1983. For the first time in its history, Fiji Gas is without a Probert at the helm; Harvie’s father, Roger Probert, was the first CEO.

Harvie Probert’s impact on the company through six different decades has been remarkable. When he first joined Fiji Gas in 1969, none of today’s terminals were in existence. He has overseen the building of the Lautoka, Suva and Labasa terminals during the 70s and the early 80s.

He became the CEO of Fiji Gas in 1983 upon the retirement of his father, Roger Probert. In the 31 years of his leadership he has seen Fiji Gas quadruple in size.

It has not always been easy sailing, he has safely led Fiji Gas through difficult times when the economy of Fiji has gone backwards. But after such events the company has emerged stronger and with increased capacity.

He has also consolidated Fiji Gas as the number one LPG company in the South Pacific. At the same time he has overseen the highest market penetration in the region. He has built a very efficient organisation and this is reflected in Fiji having the lowest priced LPG of any country in the Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of Harvie’s tenure is the team he has built at Fiji Gas. He said “I am very proud; the staff at Fiji Gas is 100% local and is trained to the very highest international standards. This is recognized and former employees are in some very senior positions in Origin and other companies around the world.”

Fiji Gas’s success has not been built at the expense of safety. In the last year Fiji Gas had a Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate of Zero. The Pacific as a whole was 1.1 and these numbers are the lowest in the world.

His retirement has been marked by receptions in Lautoka and Suva where the staff has been able to show their appreciation and he in turn has been able to thank them for all their efforts in building Fiji Gas.

Harvie Probert will continue to be very active. “I initially trained as a geologist but have never had a chance to put those skills into practice. I am hoping to carry out some geological surveys in Fiji. I will also be staying on as a director of Fiji Gas”

“I am a passionate fisherman. I am looking forward to spending more time on the water and teaching my grand children the fun to be had catching one’s dinner.”