Safety is at the heart of Fiji Gas. It has been for 60 years and will remain so for the next 60. Mr Roger Probert famously said “I taught me all I knew, nobody knew anything about it (LPG)” One of the first things he learnt about was safety to ensure no harm came to Fiji Gas employees and customers.

Fiji Gas has come a long way since then and safety is front and centre of the organisation. Safety training is a daily occurrence. The Staff are required to make observations on a regular basis and safety awareness is extremely high. In 2014 every staff member was given a card which reads ‘AUTHORITY TO STOP UNSAFE TASK’. This empowers them to halt any job if there is any risk to ‘themselves, others or the environment.

The results can be seen because 2014-15 was the second successive year that Fiji Gas had a Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of zero.

To ensure this record continues Fiji Gas complies with Australian safety standards. The company undergoes regular audits to ensure both equipment and work practices meet the required levels.