Where We Deliver

Our operations and infrastructure across Fiji supports our business to ensure that we can reliably deliver LPG to you. We have:

Supply Across Fiji

  • 5 terminals across Viti Levu and Vanua Levu that have the collective holding capacity of over 2350 tonnes. Should a natural disaster hinder access from and to or between major towns, our multiple sites allow us to cater to affected areas efficiently

Impressive Road Tanker and Delivery Fleet

  • The largest fleet of gas road tankers and delivery fleet with up to date technology and safety features that operate on an efficient supply and delivery schedule to service our agent and auto gas markets. Our S&I team have a fleet of trucks equipped with the latest technology and our engineers are trained to handle emergency situations. For our commercial customers we can respond to your needs faster. Our Service engineers are able to handle the most complex and biggest LPG installations in Fiji.
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