When it comes to air-conditioning, Fiji Gas can offer you a leading solution that will reduce or eliminate power upgrade costs, reduce electricity usage, and improve the green credentials of your business

With hot water, GHP air conditioning, service and advice all under one roof, Fiji Gas is the place to find a total energy solution that works for your business.

  • Being mainly powered by gas, these GHP systems can provide low running costs, reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate the need for expensive electricity supply upgrades that are often required by electrically powered heat pump systems.
  • This can also reduce seasonal overloading of electricity grids, create new opportunities for gas to be used for cooling and also help to stabilize the demand for gas and electricity over the year.
  • Superior Performance
  • Gas Heat Pump (GHP) systems provide high efficiency and cost effective heating and cooling solutions for buildings using gas.
  • Gas powered air conditioners use up to 90% less electricity than the equivalent electric condenser.
  • Using gas rather than electricity to drive the compressor can reduce condenser-related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%1.
  • Compared with an equivalent electric system, GHP systems give off low noise levels and is not affected when there is a power surge