Primary Industry

Fiji Gas is the largest LPG supplier in Fiji and provides LPG for cooking, heating, drying and hot water to tourism based businesses such as:

  • Heating for poultry farms and sheds
  • Processing of meat
  • Steaming and hot water for agricultural use
  • Reliable LPG supply network and back up service from 5 terminals and branches nationwide
  • Efficient delivery schedules to meet your business and operational needs.
  • Compliance with Australian and New Zealand Gas Standards.
  • A safe product with safe cylinders and bulk tanks
  • Scheduled maintenance of Fiji Gas equipment and onsite storage facilities.
  • Dedicated business development teams to mange larger contracts, pricing and reviews.
  • We have fully accredited and highly qualified technicians who specialize in the installation and maintenance of all gas appliances as well as handling of LP Gas.

We make it our business to understand our customers, anticipate your energy needs and deliver the best LPG solution that suits you.